Why Outsource

Foot Soldiers offers a trained, managed and subcontracted temporary workforce for events, conferences and promotions. We are the ideal alternative to retaining a large permanent staff contingent, allowing you to call on our troops for support only as and when needed.

Our proven track record since our founding in 2001, along with extensive experience countrywide, rigorous internal training systems and an incentivised hierarchy of Soldiers, allows us to confidently commit to delivering on our promises.

Our focus is on reducing the stress of an events or brand manager, who is typically concerned with a myriad of issues, from budgets and venue management, to client approval and concept delivery. Our staff are specially trained to assist on a range of functions on-site, thereby offering a neat solution to the staffing requirement, as well as extending the skills and work experience of tertiary level students.

All services are focused on assisting the client in achieving personnel-dependent goals that are needed only within a particular time frame but cannot be completed without temporary or casual staff. This further assists the client by reducing overheads by outsourcing certain functions and utilising them only when required.

We strive to offer our clients not only peace of mind, but also outstanding value. Our aim is always to charge a fair and reasonable rate, but to deliver even higher value to our clients.