Foot Soldiers is a Level One BEE industry leading provider of trained temporary staff to meet all of your eventing needs.

Foot Soldiers is an industry leading provider trained, temporary staff to meet all of your eventing needs. Since 2001 we have offered brand activation staff, flexi staff, call centre personnel and promotional workers to the Southern African events industry.

We offer a capable, professional and efficient workforce for all aspects of events and corporate Our services include airport meet-and-greets, on-site ushering, registration staff, water point staff, fashion dressers and top-end assistants for all events.

In an industry based on service, we focus on adding value to our clients by using exceptional staff who are presentable, reliable, professional and competent. We understand that our Soldiers are the first and last point of contact with our clients. This vital point encourages our staff to strive for excellence at every turn. We know that attention to detail is what sets us apart from the rest – and we impart this detail oriented mindset into each handpicked staff member.


Kerith Hulme Foot Soldiers +27 10 020 2999